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Hana Salem

2nd Grade Teacher

Assalamu alaykum,
My name is Hana Salem and I am the second grade teacher at Al-Aqsa Islamic School. I have
been teaching at Al-Aqsa for three years now as the second grade teacher. I graduated from
Temple University and went to an Islamic school for about six years. I have always wanted to be
a teacher and Al-Aqsa is the best place to do that because it is where students can thrive in
academics and Islam. I have high expectations and believe that all kids can meet them with hard
work. I encourage my students to think creatively, explore their world, and most importantly,
believe in themselves. Mistakes are a crucial part of learning and are necessary for growth.
Elementary education is the foundation for the rest of a child’s life and with the support from me
as their teacher, their parents and/ or guardians at home, and a strong foundation in Islam, they
will be successful.

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