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Our Mission

Our mission at Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy is to provide students with a safe, nurturing, and uplifting Islamic environment that will help them achieve academic excellence and prepare them to become morally and socially responsible citizens based on the teachings of Islam and the Sunnah


About Us


About Aqsa Academy


The Muslim community in Philadelphia, as in other regions in North America, face the challenge of raising children with high academic achievement while maintaining their religious and cultural backgrounds. The weekend schools at various Islamic centers and mosques provide a partial solution to this problem but they do not provide enough learning time for this purpose. 


Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy is an Islamic private day and weekend school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, established in 1996. It has a coeducational kindergarten through 12th grade. It is affiliated with the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society. Coursework includes Islamic studies, the Arabic language, and Quran classes.


Mailing Address

1501 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19122

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The Al Aqsa Islamic Academy (AIA) school board reviews policies and rules regarding the operation of the Academy. The school board consists of members from which a school committee and other committees are formed. The school board is comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Comptroller. 


The School Committee reviews policies and rules regarding the operation of the Academy. It supervises and administers efficient functioning of the Academy. The chairperson of the School Committee is appointed by the board of directors. Meetings of the School Committee are scheduled monthly or more frequently, if necessary.



“Ilm”    (Knowledge)
“Ibadah” (Worship)
“Ihsan”  (Excellence)
“Adl”    (Justice) 

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Students will proceed to the prayer/social hall with their teachers. Once students arrive in the prayer/social hall, they should perform their sunnah prayer. All students are expected to uphold the highest standards of behavior at all times in the school, especially when gathered for prayer.  Thus, students should quietly sit and observe the etiquettes of the Jumuah. 


Transportation to and from the Academy is the individual responsibility of all parents. Yellow Bus Transportation is typically provided for students in grades 1 through 6 who live 1.5 miles or more from the assigned school.  Students in grades 7 through 12 who live 1.5 miles or farther from school are eligible for free Student Trans-Passes. More details about bus arrival and dismissal will be provided after school receives information. 


School Bus


The school staff is selected based on educational qualifications, certification, proficiency in English, Islamic values and relevant experience. All Al Aqsa Islamic Academy staff have a high degree of commitment to Islamic values supplemented by sound academic backgrounds and experience. 

Basic Subjects

All grades, preschool through grade five have full-time homeroom teachers that are responsible to teach all basic subjects like Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies to their students.  

Religion and Quran  

A qualified Islamic scholar directs the Islamic studies and religious education. The school also engages other knowledgeable scholars as part of its religion staff to teach Quran memorization and Islamic studies.  


The school has a highly qualified & experienced Arabic department under the direction of the Head of the Arabic department.  

Support Staff

Teacher Aides help the classroom teachers in our Kindergarten classes and some lower elementary as needed. The school is also fortunate to have committed volunteers to support our staff in various tasks.  


Students attending Al Aqsa Islamic Academy may purchase their grade-level uniforms 


Boys Uniform

Gray Pants (No Cargos)

Navy Blue Polo shirt (Must have Al Aqsa logo)

Plain Black Shoes


Boys Gym Uniform 

Navy Blue Shirt
Navy Blue Pants
Plain Black Sneakers


Girls Uniform

Plain Navy Blue Abaya
Plain White or Plain Gray Hijab
Plain Black Shoes


Girls Gym Uniform 

Navy Blue or Black Long Tunic (up to knees)
Navy Blue or Black Loose Pants (No tights/No Skinny Jeans)
Plain Black or White Sneakers

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Graduation Caps

Graduate Profile

Explore how Aqsa Academy graduates embody academic excellence, Islamic values, spiritual growth, and a commitment to global citizenship, preparing them to positively impact the world.

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