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Al Aqsa Islamic Academy does not discriminate on the basis of color, ethnicity, gender, or religion for enrollment. The school offers an outstanding opportunity for students with the ability and willingness to benefit from an academically intensive school program within an Islamic environment. The curriculum and other activities combine the best training in core subject areas with the practice of Islam; so that our students can grow up to be conscientious Muslims. The Academy requires all its students to take all core courses including Islamic education and Quranic reading. 


Admission Criteria

The Academy is not equipped for teaching students that might need special education or might have behavior problems. Students in need of special care are referred by parents or school personnel to the local public school district.  

Currently the Academy is open to students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. The following are the age limits for admission into these grades:  












Admission Age
3 or 4 years by Oct 31st
Kindergarten, KG3
5 years by Oct 31st
6 years by Oct 31st
7 years by Oct 31st
8 years by Oct 31st
9 years by Oct 31st
10 years by Oct 31st


Returning Students

Online Registration  

All returning students must register to be enrolled in the new year. Returning students registration starts in February and new students can register in March. This allows the Academy to determine the number of new students to accept in each grade.  


We reserve the right to not accept any student who has excessive absences, low performance and behavioral issues. 

Al Aqsa Islamic Academy offers the convenience of a secure online registration on its website at


Tuition and Fees 

Tuition and fees at Al Aqsa Islamic Academy do not reflect the actual cost of educating a student at the school. Every effort is made to keep down the cost of tuition so that the school is affordable to as many families as possible.  

Colorful Books


All books and learning materials are computed into the tuition and may include daily/weekly homework packets, daily classroom worksheets, quizzes/test papers, manipulatives, craft materials, etc. Textbooks and Laptops are loaned to students, and they are responsible for returning them at the end of the year in good condition. A fine may be assessed for lost and damaged materials. The students who want a personal set of books and learning material may purchase them directly from the suppliers. Kindly contact the school office for more information.  




Online applications are found at this site. This is a four-year scholarship for the 2021-22 school year. Many of our children are receiving anywhere from 25% to 75% tuition discount. Lastly, there is an annual income eligibility requirement which is on the website. We encourage our parents to check out this opportunity.

Apply to be a Teacher

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