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Principal Shireen Hammoudeh


Principal Shireen Hammoudeh

Aqsa is honored to have community leader and educator Sister Shireen as principal of Aqsa Academy. Sister Shireen is known for her continuous contributions to our Muslim community. She has been very active with the Muslim youth and inspires them through various lectures, clubs, meetings, and classes. She has conducted various youth programs and Islamic lectures for all ages, provided new Muslims with Islamic classes, and mentored Muslims of all ages. Her contribution is now global; since the pandemic, she was able to reach Muslims far and wide through zoom.

With her strong background in Education, Leadership, and Islamic studies, she has generated a great team of teachers and staff to serve the growing needs of Aqsa Academy students.

Her love for Islam has driven her to accept the role of being the principal of Aqsa to continue to lead, assist, and inspire future Muslim generations.

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