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Anny Bello

As- Salamuleikum!

My name is Anny Bello, and I am the 3rd grade teacher at Al- Aqsa Islamic Academy. I teach reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies. I strongly believe that every child has great potential to become whatever their heart desires. I implement a growth mindset in my classroom which supplements my students with the confidence and encouragement they need to believe in their selves and thrive in their academic careers. I am considerably new to education and my focus is more science and health related, however, as of late, I’ve found a new passion for teaching and molding young minds. I am a mother to three young children all of whom are within elementary years, so I understand the importance of a strong, educational foundation within the early years.

Asma Chishti

Teaching mathematics is my passion. Over the years while raising my own children I realized that students find Math hard because they do not see the relevance to real life. Making Math relevant for students and cultivating the love of this subject is my reason for coming into education. Teachers can have a great positive impact on students’ lives. That is why it is really important for me to have positive relationships with all my students.

Mishal Choudri

My name is Mrs. Mishal Choudri. This is my 3rd year teaching.
I was born and raised in Pakistan, and I moved to USA in 2019, since
then I have been working with Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy.
I earned my Master's degree in Pure Statistics in 2016 after completing
my bachelor's degree in 2014 in same subject.

Ms Diaamah

I am an elementary Teacher who studied at Drew University in New Jersey. I have a multi-faceted approach to life. My passion is teaching and anything charity related.

Vesile Ekiz

I am the 1st grade teacher at Al-Aqsa. I am so excited to be a teacher at Al-Aqsa. I graduated with my masters from Drexel University. This is my second year with Al-Aqsa.

Faiqah Hasan

My name is Sister Faiqah Hasan I have been a member of the Islamic community as an educational consultant for over 40 years. Professionally I have been privileged to be an educator at Al Aqsa and this is my 22nd year at Al Aqsa as a Kindergarten Teacher inclusive of a sabbatical.

Eman Mustafa

My Name is Eman Mustafa, and I am proud to be part of the Aqsa Islamic Society. I am born and raised in Philadelphia. I went to school at Aqsa as a child, and now it will be my 3rd year teaching at this facility. I want to be there for my students as my teachers were there for me. I graduated from Temple University in 2018. I want to pursue my master's degree to advance my education further. I have a true passion for teaching at this school, helping each child progress in all areas of their development, especially spiritually. I love to support and motivate students to become effective Muslim leaders. I pray we establish a community of leaders that follow the Quran and sunnah.

Hana Salem

Assalamu alaykum,
My name is Hana Salem and I am the second grade teacher at Al-Aqsa Islamic School. I have
been teaching at Al-Aqsa for three years now as the second grade teacher. I graduated from
Temple University and went to an Islamic school for about six years.

Dr. David Speicher

Joining Al-Aqsa in 2021, Dr. David previously taught at private and public schools in the United States and around the world, including the University of Mississippi, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and the American University in Cairo, and he ran a K-12 British school system and teachers training Institute in Kuwait.

Laila Yaghnam

My name is Laila Yaghnam and I’m Temple University Graduate. I received my BA in English Literature in the spring of 2021. I would describe myself as a kind, hard-working, dedicated Muslim woman who spends most of her free time picking up a new book to read.

Nabiha Haqq

Assalamuwalaikum all ! My name is Nabiha Haqq and I am the historian for grades 7-12. Previously I taught science and mathematics at a magnet school and an array of vast subjects as a substitute. I specialize in behavior health at PHMC hospital and was educated at Temple University and Immaculata University. I speak over 7 languages to proficiency. It is my duty to humbly educate the masses inshallah I look forward to impacting every single student in the most gentle way on the subject of history